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Phosphorus reduces the passivation effect of wollastonite on cadmium in rice

  Under the guidance of Prof. LI Zhian, MAO Peng, a doctoral student from Research Group for Soil Ecology in South China Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences, investigated the effect of wollastonite with or without phosphorus on cadmium accumulation in rice through field plot experiment.

  The application of wollastonite in silicon deficient paddy soil can not only increase rice yield but also effectively reduce the accumulation of Cd in rice. However, the combination of phosphorus and wollastonite showed negative effect on reduction of Cd, so it is worth noting in practical application. In addition, this study revealed the relationship between Cd and the absorption of related mineral nutrients, which will help to develop more effective measures to reduce Cd in rice grains.

  Science of The Total Environment, entitled " Phosphate addition diminishes the efficacy of wollastonite in decreasing Cd uptake by rice (Oryza sativa L.) in paddy soil ". For details, please refer to:

Figure. Mechanism of cadmium uptake by rice under the combined application of phosphorus and wollastonite.


   Author: ZHUANG Ping

     Online time: 15 October 2019