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Wang Yang’s Visit to the Two Academies
Update time: 2009-08-30
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  On Aug, 6, 2009,Member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Guangdong CPC Secretary Wang Yang and his staff, accompanied by Vice Governor Songhai, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shi Erwei, visited South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, and he also conferred with the executives at Guangzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Academy of Sciences (abbreviated as the Two Academies).
  Wang Yang expressed gracious greetings to some renowned scientists: Academician Fu Jiamo and Professor Li Huamei, and took photos with leaders of more than 10 subsidiary institutions. He also expressed his gratitude to the Two Academies and all the science and technology staff in Guangdong for their outstanding contribution to the socio-economic development of Guangdong Province. At the conference, the President of Guangzhou Branch of CAS, Professor Chen Yong made a work report as the representative of the Two Academies; Shi Erwei and Song Hai also made speeches on the collaboration between CAS and Guangdong Province; Wang Yang addressed on the promotion of such collaboration in pushing forward the integration of science & technology and the social-economic development.
  Wang expressed, both the provincial CPC and the government will actively support the Two Academies in the leading role of building the New Sci-Tech Heights. To further upgrade the competitive capacity of China in the following 30 years so as to realize the great revival of the Chinese Nation, scientific innovation has to play a full role. He hopes that Chinese Academy of Sciences will integrate the privilege of Guangdong’s strong economy with science & technology and help to promote more research production to be transferred in the course of constructing the New Sci-Tech Heights.
  Wang emphasized to establish collaborative system between CAS and Guangdong so as to achieve double benefits both in science & technology and social-economic development. Guangdong is at the critical stage of industry transformation, which is in urgent need of science & technology. However, due to the past separated investment from the government, research institutions, enterprises in scientific innovation, we need to innovate new systems so as to amalgamate new cooperation models and integrate the privileges of staff and research design in the institutions with the comparatively well developed market economy system in Guangdong, thus formulating our “innovation express”.
  Wang pointed out that we must clarify the targets in terms of different stages to achieve break-through in the collaboration of CAS and Guangdong. With stage targets there will be stage evaluation to monitor the performance process. He finally remarked that the provincial CPC and the government are willing to function as the strong backup to support the job of Two Academies in the forming of excellent innovation environment, with the hope of making new breakthroughs in the progress of cooperation between CAS and Guangdong in the following three to five years.
  Shi Erwei thanked the Guangdong Provincial CPC and the government for their great support to Guangzhou Branch of CAS and the subordinate institutes of CAS in Guangdong. He said that Chinese Academy of Sciences would actively support and serve for the Guangdong’s own scientific and technological innovation and looked forward to brilliant performance in the new round of CAS-GD collaboration.

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