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Agreement of Collaboration in Science and Technology between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hainan Provincial Government
Update time: 2009-08-30
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  On Aug 9, 2009,Agreement of Collaboration in Science and Technology between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hainan Provincial Government was signed in Haikou, Vice Governor Lin Fanglue of Hainan Province and Vice President Ding Zhongli of Chinese Academy of Sciences representing both parties. The agreement aims at promoting the Transformation of applied high-tech research production of CAS, joint research and design, strategic consultancy and staff training in Hainan Province.

  Based on the Outline of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Hainan Economic and Social Development, the agreement focuses on such topic as the provincial industrialization, Hainan international tourism development and tropical agricultural development. It aims at an integration of the privilege of Chinese Academy of Sciences in research areas such as bio-tech, medicine, marine, aeronautics and astronautics, IT, eco-environment protection with Hainan local environment, natural resources and Industrial base. The collaboration will surely enhance Hainan Province in attracting strong enterprises, conducting key projects with high-tech support so as to push Hainan Province in faster and more efficient development.

  Following the signing of the agreement, the first collaboration conference was held between both parties, at which a series of important decisions were made, including the founding of the leading group, executive office and respective staff. The meeting also outlined a working plan within near future.

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